Keeping Health and Fitness in Mind During Ramdhan

Alhamdulillah, we have been blessed to experience another month of Ramadhan. By this point we are almost half way through the month of fasting. We take this opportunity to get closer to God by means of fasting, prayer, quraan recitation, charity, and duas. In this blessed month we also find ourselves spending more time with […]

Stop Talking and Start Doing

Many of us continuously feel unhappy about the way we look. Spending hours on end complaining about the same problem to different people we encounter. After numerous negative experiences when trying to fit into your own clothes or having trouble shopping for clothes that fit, you finally decide to start “dieting”. For the first week […]

One Too Many

Sweet treats have a way in everyone’s hearts. We have them at almost every special occasion, from weddings to graduation dates. But for those with a serious sweet tooth, one sweet treat is just never enough. Before you know it, you’ve scarfed down several pieces of baklavas, cakes, ladu, helwa etc.  Not only do these […]